Park with SPACES - Parking App - Now in NYC

Automated Parking with SPACES

There are so many reasons to be frustrated with the parking process in NYC. It is not easy to find good clarity on what parking will cost. This often leads to time wasted driving around looking for the cheapest garage or on the internet searching for parking coupons to print.  The SPACES parking app is the solution to all your parking worries! Now the parking process looks more like this:

  • Search for a garage near your destination
  • Evaluate which garage fits your needs best: cheapest, closest or your favorite garage
  • Checkin at the garage with the SPACES parking app
  • Go about your day knowing that the best coupon rate available is AUTOMAGICALLY being applied to your parking stay
  • Check on your phone if you want to keep an eye on your expected rate to pay
  • Checkout at the garage on your phone. No waiting in line to pay by credit card.

Done! It’s that simple! Finding cheap parking in NYC has never been this easy. No fee surprises just simplicity straight from your phone!

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The SPACES Parking app makes finding cheap parking in NYC easy. No rate surprises and fully automated. Pay directly from your phone! Parking in NYC with SPACES parking app saves time and frustration.

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