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Know your oversized vehicle charge

Parking an oversized vehicle? Not sure if your car is considered oversized? take the guess work out of parking with SPACES. New York city is an old city designed long before SUVs. Those of us driving an SUV into NYC can find ourselves feeling very taken advantage of. Parking garages will charge you an oversized vehicle fee that can be anywhere from $5-$30 more and often you do not know what it will be until you are in the checkout line – good luck getting out of it then! With the SPACES parking app you will know EXACTLY what you will be expected to pay when you checkin. The oversized vehicle fee is right there on your app. No more long tedious battles over surprise fees! Know what you will pay with the SPACES parking app!

Cheap parking in NYC is no longer impossible to find with the SPACES parking app!

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The SPACES Parking app makes finding cheap parking in NYC easy. No rate surprises and fully automated. Pay directly from your phone! Parking in NYC with SPACES parking app saves time and frustration.

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