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Over-sized vehicles SPACES Parking app is for you!

Just in from another happy SPACES Parking app Beta Tester:

“I come in to NYC for work a few times a month. I try to plan ahead and book coupons but it never seems to work well for me. Today I decided to try your app and I was not only happy with how easy it is to use but it told me what to expect to pay for an over-sized fee. I never know what that fee is going to be, I have paid between $5 & $30, and it always leaves me feeling like I am somehow being tricked. Knowing what to expect will really take some of the pain out of parking in NYC for me! Thanks!”

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The SPACES Parking app makes finding cheap parking in NYC easy. No rate surprises and fully automated. Pay directly from your phone! Parking in NYC with SPACES™ parking app saves time and frustration.

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