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SPACES parking app happy customer

Just in from a happy SPACES parking app beta tester:

“Dear SPACES, I used my app to park at the South William street garage this weekend. I had family coming in to see The World Trade Center and parking down that end of town is very expensive. While checking out I was behind a lady arguing with the parking garage attendant because they overstayed their allotted time on their reservation made on another parking app. She overstayed by only 6 minutes but her price went up to $45 instead of the $30 she had been quoted. I chatted to her afterwards and showed her my parking receipt. I had stayed longer than she had but paid only $30! I am so thrilled and I hope that I convinced another person to use your app. What a time and money saver! Thank you!”

— Happy Parking Coupon User, New Jersey


The Icon parking garage on 1426 South William Street is conveniently located near these NYC attractions:

The SPACES Parking app makes finding cheap parking in NYC easy. No rate surprises and fully automated. Pay directly from your phone! Parking in NYC with SPACES parking app saves time and frustration.

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